And Then There Was Three!

Although it seemed many people were going in all sorts of directions for what I meant by “our next little adventure,” I hate to say, you all guessed wrong!

The big news is, we got a puppy! His name is Arlo. We picked up the little guy yesterday and could not be more excited for what’s to come!

Meet Arlo!

Right now he is just 7 weeks and a day or so old so he’s still even working on getting a normal walk down. There’s lots of rolling around and jumping and flipping over, all the cuteness that makes your heart swell to an abnormal size!

At the moment, when he’s not jumping around or trying to figure out the “peeing outside” concept, he is doing a lot of this…

which is A-Okay by me, more cuddle time is always my favorite!

I grew up with dogs and for the last decade or so, full filled my puppy needs by walking dogs and petsitting for local folks while in GA, MI, and now CO. I tried to be responsible and hold off on actual ownership until most big adventures and the big hike we’re out of the way, but when I got back, Nick and I decided it must be time! My heart is so full at the moment, life is amazing!

I’ll try and not overload y’all with puppy cuteness but eventually we hope Arlo will be joining us on our hiking and outdoor adventures so I’ll try and continue to update those trips here!



P.S. Mr. Serious Face wanted to share is go-to face one last time!

3 thoughts on “And Then There Was Three!

  1. O.K., you got me on this one, anyone who knows me knows I like animals more than most people. As the happy pet owner several species of rescued critters, I say a heartfelt”awww” and hope you have many happy years with this little fella.


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