Two More Peaks Before a Month Heading North

We can now check #2 and #3 off of our 14ers list, Grays Peak and Torreys Peak!

In what seems to be typical Colorado fashion, Nick and I woke up and were heading towards the mountains at around 6am yesterday.  The road up to the trail head was slightly traumatic and by far goes into the top spot on worst roads I’ve ever been on, but after 3 miles of that hell, we made it. It was crazy to see that even at 7am the trail head parking lot and adjacent street down nearly a 1/4 mile were already packed with cars. I guess when there is a week of storms ahead, the one slightly clear day has all Coloradans headed towards a trail!


Our hike was about 9 miles and 3,600 ft of elevation gain, hiking to Grays Peak first and then a slight descent and climb back up to Torreys Peak. These two are known to usually be climbed as a pair since they are so close to one another, and as long as a peak has a certain elevation gain from the adjacent peak it can be considered a 14er as well.  Torreys is actually only five feet shorter than Grays but with a descent and steep climb of more than 300 feet in between, it allows both to be classified as 14ers.

Grays Peak is on the left and Torreys Peak is the on the right

With my trusty new hiking boots supporting my ankles (man was it rocky!), we both made it to the summit of Grays in late morning.


This time around, the altitude hit me a little harder than last time but with Torreys just right next door, how could I not! We had a little bit of a rock scramble down to the fork in the trail and then a steep climb up to the peak.  Once we made it up to Torreys, it was a beautiful sight to take in and have a little lunch before heading down before the afternoon storm clouds rolled in.



Grays and Torreys was definitely a little more challenging but a great second trip to the 9th and 11th tallest peaks! Beautiful wildflowers and marmots exploring all over the place.

It was great to get in two more 14ers before Nick and I set off for our August trip.  We’ll be heading out to CA for my cousin’s wedding next week near Lassen Volcanic National Park, and shortly after that, we head out for nearly a month roadtripping north.

We’ll be heading to Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Glacier, and Banff National Park.  All of these have been on my list of “must go” for so long, and I’m so excited to be able to finally make it.  We’ll be spending just less than a week in each park which will allow us to see just about everything with some amazing hikes in between.  Can’t wait!

Until next time,


2 thoughts on “Two More Peaks Before a Month Heading North

  1. Oh, yay for your upcoming road trip! That will be fantastic! You’ll love Montana! If you have a little time and you come through Helena, you should stop and ride the tour train. It’s a fun way to spend a couple of hours relaxing and listening to the history of Helena. I think it’s $6/person and totally worth it.


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