MIA for a Little R&R

Well I didn’t make it to Damascus as planned. I was about 40 miles from town when my foot pain got the best of me, but I tried to make the best decision for me and my feet.

After a brutal climb Thursday morning, up and down from Pond Flat Mountain (I wouldn’t call 3,000 ft up “flat” at all, but that’s just me), K-Tom and I found some relief from the hot day at a local hostel at the bottom to regain some electrolytes. I consider it fate that the hostel popped up after feeling pain for several hours and having just thought, “I really don’t want to have to go another 9 miles straight uphill today, not sure I even can!” My mind and my achilles felt I had to stay.

So I called it, and I took my shoes off for the rest of Thursday. Boots Off Hostel was located right on Lake Watuga which happened to be the best place to rest for the afternoon!

My very generous parents, who recently moved to TN, offered to come pick me up and have me spend some time resting up at their house. So for the next week, you’ll find me here in TN with my feet up and avoiding steep climbs in hopes that my planter fascitis or achilles tendinitis shows signs of improving.

See ya in a week,


3 thoughts on “MIA for a Little R&R

  1. Hi Trucker! It’s Kara from REI Jacksonville (sister-in-law to your Dad’s high school friend Neil Yarian). I’ve been following and cheering you on! Sorry to hear about the heel and foot pain. Besides those new Altra’s you have, you might also try K Tape and/or Bio Freeze spray. Besides rest, they might give you some pain relief too. Good luck out there! You can do this! Kara


  2. JD Lindeberg

    Kelly- Hope your feet are feeling better. Had many bouts of PF over the years myself. Get a golfball and roll it around on the floor with the sole of your foot, applying more pressure as you go. It will help both in recuperation and prevention. Hang in there. I’m sure its hard not making progress toward your goal. JD


  3. Catherine

    Hi Kelly, hope you’ve had a restful week and hope the downtime has allowed your feet to recover. In addition to thoroughly enjoying your stories and photos, have been sharing some your posts with my daughter, who is very interested in your adventure even though the distance is pretty hard to convey to a 5yo. 🙂 We’re cheering you on from Berlin!


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