Nothing Like a Cold Soak in A Waterfall

Day 36: Mile 421

Today was rough. Rumors are rampant on trail and the most prevalent is upcoming elevations in certain sections (oh juicy am I right?). Most of us had heard that things would start to “level out,” and by that I just mean have less high peaks to climb and more gradual steepness or rolling hills, as we head into Virginia. Well that’s false. And it’s not so much that it’s difficult, these days most hikers just wake up knowing the day will involve walking and climbing something, but a little peace of mind from rolling hills really got our hopes up!

I say this as someone that also is dealing with some pain. I’ve been in denial and somewhat ignoring some pain I’ve had in my feet for the last couple weeks. It started small but has gradually gotten worse to now dealing with an all day pain. The unsteady rocky ground, deep mud of last week and of course the beloved steep inclines of the morning have caused the pain to hit a new level. I am lucky to have a doctor in the family that I can be quick to call when reception allows, and hope that per advice, to take it easy for a little while once I get to Damascus. Having planter fascitis or achilles tendinitis in both feet is painful and unfortunately days like today with lots of climbing and descents to see beautiful waterfalls are abundant so it’s up to me to take a break from the trail. The trail surely won’t provide any breaks, at least that’s also what I’ve been hearing in the rumor mill! So Damascus can’t come soon enough!

Lucky for me, today the trail DID at least provide a beautiful waterfall view and an ice cold lake to soak my feet in at Laurel Falls.

Until next time,


One thought on “Nothing Like a Cold Soak in A Waterfall

  1. Hunt Briggs

    Oh no! Sorry to hear about the achilles. Recommend lots of Alleve/Advil to keep the inflammation down and time off!


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