The name is Trucker

So I’ve officially accepted (and somewhat getting better at responding to) my trail name…Trucker!

Pumpkin Spice gave me the trail name after about a week of me keeping up with the boys. “Trucker hauls ass!” The name also even applied for my slower ankle sprain days cause I kept on “truckin’.”

It’s funny how the trail community has become almost like a secret society, mainly that I know more trail names than I know actual names but that’s how we roll these days.

I’ve met what seems like hundreds of people but some other noteworthy trail names include: Wrong Way (there’s at least 4 of them), Overkill, Gump, Short Sticks, Aladdin, Polar Bear, Chuckleberry, Lucky, Poncho Libre, Wizard, Chill, Mellow, Bandito, Gumby, Wok, Frisbee, and the list goes on.

It’s funny how the trail community communicates and within days people have heard of other people’s names, and of you. Hence why I needed to catch on quicker after a short time of people yelling “Trucker!” when I come up on a lunch spot.

Until later,


2 thoughts on “The name is Trucker

  1. Steve and Betty

    Breaker breaker Miss Trucker. Sounds like a fascinating group of characters with whom to be sharing your journey. We look forward to checking your blog every morning over our first cup of tea. Hope the brace is helping the ankle injury. Safe travels.


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