Fog and More Fog…and More Fog

Day 13: Mile 130.8

Things are on the up and up! After a bitterly cold and rainy night, woke up, packed up a wet tent and hit the trail.

Although the sun never came out today, it was actually a breath of fresh air to walk among the dripping trees, cool air and dense fog.

Granted on numerous occasions the burnt wood throughout the trail had me thinking there were bears lurking about, but hey, the trail keeps you on your toes!

Today’s 10 miles led to another bald with an old fire tower…but good ol’ fog kept us from seeing much at all.

Slipping and sliding through the mud, I am getting closer and closer to getting into the smokies. Crazy to think I’ll be entering in less than a week!

The ankle is hanging in there, but I’ve heard an amazing pair of trail angels in the form of my Aunt and Uncle, have sent an ankle brace my way to pick up at the Nantahala Center tomorrow. Thanks!!


2 thoughts on “Fog and More Fog…and More Fog

  1. JD Lindeberg

    After many climbs to the top of mountains encased in cloud cover, my climbing friends and I concluded that we experienced fabulous “inner views”. The fog droplets on the leaves or needles, the green moss underfoot, and even the mud has a certain esthetic appeal. But you don’t really experience that appeal until you’ve been out a while. Ironically, my experience is that when I have a chance to look back on my time hiking and climbing I can say with almost absolute certainty that these day of fog and blueness make as an important memory as those of sparklingly clear days on the tops of mounts from which the ocean can be seen.

    On a more practical side, if your feet are still hurting I can send you a link for sole inserts that make things feel “A lot better”! Feel free to ask. Happy walking and thanks so much for the wonderful photo essays that accompany your writing.


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