Michigan is headed to the Finals!…and other news from Day 4.

Day 4: Mile 38.9- White Oak Stamp

So as you can tell, our stealth camping spot around mile 39 tonight was a winner since it was quiet, peaceful, and had reception for us to check the final four scores! Go Blue!!!!

Today was a great day, with amazing views all day long, which I’m sure are just the beginning. The gang, which currently consists of Last Spot, Ramble, Tyson and I (trail names for T and I are pending), were feeling fully refreshed after getting inside last night. We hunkered down in Blood Mountain Cabins last night when word got out that the mountains would be getting down into the 20s, plus even after three days, a hot shower and a pizza sounded so good! We got one of those things at least, each of us demolishing our own full pizzas after climbing Blood Mountain and polishing off 12 miles yesterday. The shower was cold and dribbled water so I guess my hair will be put to test of not being washed until Day 8 or 9!

We awoke this morning feeling as refreshed as possible and hit the trail for an easy day. Mainly after pushing out a tough 12 miles yesterday, we could tell our bodies are running a little ragged. We are ahead of schedule by one day so the feet are a little achy, the shoulder muscles are yelling “what is happening with this pack,” and of course the rolled ankle on Day 2 didn’t help me feel too great, but rest is key.

This morning we slept in, ate a big breakfast and hit the trail around noon after talking with fellow “hiker trash” at the nearby outfitters. What was suppose to be an easy 6 mile day resulted in an up and down and long day, but still at least only 7 miles. The views today made all the switchbacks, uphill and rocky downhills worth it.

So far, I think the best part of the trail has been the people. Everyone, so far at least, on the trail have been so nice. Such a diverse group geographically and by age, all with interesting stories to tell. Besides the thru hikers, even the local folks day hiking or just out for a short walk on the trail have been very supportive and excited for us to give them our stories. The trail has a real sense of comradery. I’m excited to continue to meet fellow hiker trash and the many locals coming out to see those of AT class of 2018!

Happy Hiking,


2 thoughts on “Michigan is headed to the Finals!…and other news from Day 4.

  1. JD Lindeberg

    Really nice pix Kelly. It’s easy to imagine being there and hiking the trail. And you look so clean. LOL. That’ll change soon. Did you consider carrying a UV water treatment device? That’s my current killer app. But you have to keep it charged so its a tradeoff. I even got Jason Hale doing it now!

    Thanks for the opportunity to vicariously enjoy the thru hike with you. I’l try to figure out where you are going to be and then send you a package or two.

    Take care of your feet and enjoy your compadres.



    1. Haha thanks JD. The cleaniness took a turn the day after but we’re in Hiawassee so I get a restart to head into NC clean. A few people I’ve seen have the uv pens and love them so far, definitely considering it since I’ve heard the Sawyer squeeze will start running super slow at some point.

      Glad you’re enjoying following along. Hope you and everyone at RRS are doing well!


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