Days 1 and 2

Day 1 Mile Marker: Mile 8.1- Hawk Mountain Shelter

Day 2 Mile Marker: Mile 20.3 – Woody Gap

Just checking in here to say I’m still kickin! Currently, I’m hunkered down in my tent as a big thunderstorm rolls through but hey, I’ve had two perfect days of weather so far so I guess I can’t complain!

So far things have been going well, as well as anyone can be who is attempting to gain some trail legs! Yesterday, I started at the southern terminus, Springer Mountain, and hiked 8 miles north to Hawk Mountain.

It was a fairly steady incline and lots of ups and downs, as I passed through many streams along the way, but overall a good first hike! I even met my first thru hiker, Donut, who is attempting for the second time. Great to have a hiking partner for the day and someone to find the shelter with.

Hawk Mountain shelter was a catch all of first and second day hikers and super social for my first night on the AT… but not much sleep that’s for sure.

My body is trying to figure out what in the world is happening, so sleep and my appetite have been pretty non-existent but hopefully that will change soon.

Day 2 started as the sun came up and was a relatively easy day. I pushed 7 miles even before noon and rested up around lunch at Gooch Gap. Some of my fellow Hawk Mountain shelterites walked up and discussion began about the impending rain and storms in the forecast. A few hikers including a new friend, Pumpkin Spice, planned to try and push forward a few more miles (couldn’t end the day at 11:30am!) so I decided to join them.

So far with all the fog and clouds we haven’t seen much of a view but luckily as we closed in on Woody Gap, we were rewarded for our climb of Ramrock Mountain.

We found our way to Woody Gap and are “stealth camping” for the night in order to wait out the overnight storm.

Tiring 12 mile day but ready to take on Blood Mountain tomorrow! I’ve heard it’s a killer!


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