Thanks Rx Bar!

I’m starting to get very excited about the handful of mail drops I’ll be getting along the way! Thanks to Rx Bar for being the latest protein powerhouse for my snacks. I was lucky enough to hear Rx Bar would like to provide these nutritious and once again simple ingredient bars to my mix, thank you so much!

I had heard from some friends that I should try them out, since as a vegetarian I am keeping an eye of where my protein will be coming from. I really liked how Rx refers to their product as well…

“Egg whites for protein. Dates to bind. Nuts for texture. Our core ingredients are all there for a reason. No free rides. No fillers. No B.S. Just good, clean food with 100% natural flavors. What you see is what you eat. Learn why we’re made from what we’re made from.

As I’ve been getting closer (t-minus 25 days!) I’ve been really looking into the nutrition side of things. To hike well, you’ve got to take care of your body. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you won’t see a before and after picture of me demolishing an entire pizza on here while in town…but I plan to make sure that majority of the time I am at least getting the proper nutrition my body will be craving. But more on that later!

So thanks Rx Bar for helping me keep my body strong!

Now off to go hike on this beautiful 65 degree day in CO!

Happy Hiking!

– Kelly

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