Thanks LARABAR and ReGrained!

Happy to announce my hiking product sponsors, LARABAR and ReGrained who have sent so many bars to help fuel my 5 million steps! I’m going to have some tasty snacks to include in my mail drops, can’t wait!

I’ve been a long time LARABAR eater and just love (as they advertise) the simplicity of their bars. Just 3, 5, or 6 ingredients, you always know what you’re eating.

And ReGrained is a new tasty discovery but I was immediately drawn to everything this company is about. They upcycle all the grains from a local brewery to make these bars. Although they are leftover and used grains, they still contain a bunch of nutrients so it is another tasty and healthy option for my hike. I love their sustainability driven mission while playing around with beer!

Check back later for some more details on what else I plan to eat soon!

Check out ReGrained and LARABAR for yourself and see what else they have to offer.

Happy hiking,


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