Walking in the Woods- Kelly’s Gear List for the AT

Hi All!

With only 40 days to go until I head out on my AT trek (yikes!) I’ve gotten a lot questions surrounding what I’ll be bringing, so I thought I’d get my gear together and give all of you gear heads a little explanation. Backpacking gear is one of those topics that once you start researching it begins to consume you because the technology in this gear is insane, there’s something out there for everyone, and there’s SO much gear to look at!

Although I had some basic camping gear, the more you start getting into the mindset of a thru-hike and reminding yourself that your home is literally going to be on your back…those lighter/ultralight gear pieces started to become more and more appealing. I evaluated what gear I wanted to replace based on weight and price, and what gear I still needed to acquire. 5 months later….here I am!

Currently my base weight (pack weight without food and water) is sitting at approximately 15.2 lbs which is pretty good in my mind. Typically ultralight hikers usually are around 10 lbs and it seems like more first-time hikers are coming in around 20 lbs so I think I’ve found a weight I’m comfortable with. Knowing I’ll most likely send home pieces (like cold weather clothes in summer, etc.) or decide to drop gear I decide is worthless, most likely my base weight will get lower throughout the hike as well.

Kelly’s AT Gear 2018
A quick breakdown of gear weight by category:

One thought on “Walking in the Woods- Kelly’s Gear List for the AT

  1. Chris King

    Great list Kelly. It will be interesting to see what your thoughts are on the gear and any changes you have made by the time we meet up in mid April.


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